Brought up in swinging London by bohemian film designer parents 

As a child traveled the world with my parents on film projects including to Italy, Israel, and Ireland. My playground was the magical fantasy worlds of the film sets.

Won an Art Scholarship to Frensham Heights School in England

Studied and fell in love with the Renaissance and Florence

Did a degree in Fine Art at St Martins College of Art and Maidstone College of Art in England

Made a Film “the Little Mermaid” that encapsulated all my loves and influences. It has been shown at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington

My great love of the theatrical and all my influences are coloured by my childhood in film and my love of the Renaissance. Influence’s include artists such as De Chirico, Piero Della Francesca, Uccello, the early gothic and byzantine paintings, Leon Bakst and the early Russian Ballet, the mine artist, Lindsay Kemp’s production of Salome, the films of Jean Cocteau & Maya Deren’s ‘Meshes of the Afternoon’, Sergei Parajanov’s ’The Colour Of Pomegranates’ Bunuel’s ’The Obscure Object Of Desire’ and Fellini’s ‘Satyricon’.

Recurring Themes In My Work

  • Water
  • Mermaids & The Femme Fatale 
  • Body Adornment & Costume
  • Colour, Composition & The Symbolism Of Colour
  • Trompe l'oeil Trickery & Playing With Dimensional Space


Photography: Emma Woollard
Timna Woollard Personal